Chicago Iron Octavian Plus


  • Volume
    controls the output volume
  • Boost
    adds sustain to the fundamental note. As you turn it up (clockwise), the fundamental note will sustain longer and longer before the pedal will do it's magic and turn the fundamental note into a blooming octave.


Chicago Iron

The Chicago Iron Octavian Plus has the same great circuit as the Tycobrahe Octavia, but with the 4 most popular player requested features. First, a foot switchable octave. An additional foot switch has been added to allow the pedal to to be switched from fuzz to octave on the fly. Second, a dual color indicator LED that shows red for fuzz and green for octave. Third, giant size knobs that are easily adjusted with the foot. Fourth and last the paint has been replaced with chrome for durability and a more modern up-to-date look. Sound is the same!

The Chicago Iron Octavia was reconstructed with the help of the original Tycobrahe team, using units handpicked by late César Diaz. The Tycobrahe Octavia was used by players like Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Tony Iommi. Current users include Tony Iommi, Slash and Velvet Revolver among many others.

  • 100% True Bypass
  • Footswitchable octave
  • Chrome-finished box and knobs
  • Large knobs for easy adjustment with foot
  • Super-bright dual LED
  • 9V battery included
  • Uses standard boss-type 9V DC supply (optional)
  • Comes in redwood stash-box (like the original)
  • Handmade in the USA

Please note: this pedal is made with positive ground, just like the original. This means you can't use it together with other pedals sharing the same power supply (an exception is the Voodoo Lab Pedal Power Plus 2, where each output is isolated).

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