Chase Tone Round Red Replica


Chase Tone

Output Control: Maximizing this control increases sustain, punch and treble bite. The sweet spot is adjusting it in comparison to your tube amplifier volume and EQ settings- An optimal setting is usually between 3/4s and maximum when turning in a clockwise direction. 

Fuzz Control: Maximizing this control increases the total amount of fuzz. The range increased over a vintage unit. 

Board Mount Trimpot Temperature Control: Optimal adjustment is preset at 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Fine tune adjustment in either direction may be necessary to compensate for temperature fluctuations. A gated effect can be achieved when adjusting this control at its extreme settings. If the quality of the fuzz tone is not optimal, this is the knob that usually needs adjustment. Fine tune adjustment by ear is recommended. 

Board Mount Trimpot Headroom Control: Maximizing this control in the clockwise direction removes it from the circuit. Adjusting in a counter-clockwise direction adjusts the headroom clipping of the input circuit, reduces bass frequencies allowing better compatibility with dark or humbucker equipped guitars, and helps eliminate oscillations when placed after a wah pedal. 

  • Original Red Texture Finish
  • Grounded Input True Bypass via a significantly higher quality switch than the boutique market standard.
  • Reinforced wiring harness featuring vintage correct spec PVC stranded copper wire and shielded input and output wiring to reduce noise extending nuances.
  • High Quality Closed Switchcraft Jacks.
  • New Old Stock 1960s Allen Bradley Carbon Resistors. Warm and smooth over-driven tone compared to modern carbon film resistors. Same resistors used on the Apollo Missions.
  • New Old Stock PNP Gold Lead Germanium Transistors- individually hand selected and audited in each circuit for optimal tone, low noise, and stable performance.
  • Military Grade Fiberglass Double Plated Thru-Hole Circuit Board. Exact replica of the original 1960s PNP Germanium layout.
  • Vintage 1960s Mullard capacitor for that unmistakable thick smooth and complex tone not heard in modern polyester capacitors.
  • Build with pride and care and individually fine-tuned and tested one at a time in the USA.

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