Chase Bliss Audio Thermae - Analog Delay / Pitch Shifter


Chase Bliss Audio

Introducing Thermaeâ„¢: Analog Delay / Harmonizer.

  • Release: 5/31/18.
  • $499.
  • 100% analog signal path with digital control / presets / midi.
  • Max delay time: at least 4 seconds (it likes to be underclocked) via 4x MN3005 chipset.
  • Sequence mode, step mode, or normal mode for shifting through delay time intervals.
  • Three modulation types with three subtypes.
  • Glide knob for setting transition time between pitch intervals.
  • Slightly resonant low pass filter for repeats.
  • Full ramping and expression control.
  • Optional trails or true bypass via dip switch.
  • Momentary or latching bypass via dip switch. 

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