Chase Bliss Audio Condor - Analog EQ / Pre / Filter


Chase Bliss Audio

Introducing Condorâ„¢: Analog EQ / Pre / Filter.   

Release: 4/16/18.  $349.  

  • 100% analog signal path with digital control/presets/midi.  
  • Switchable to clean or overdrive.  
  • Parametric boost/cut mids control from 150Hz to 5kHz with 3 “Q” settings.  
  • Bass boost/cut control with 3 intensity settings.   
  • LPF filter with 3 settings: normal, slight resonant, very resonant.  
  • Ramping/hold functionality for LFO filter tremolo effects.  
  • True bypass or buffered bypass selectable via dip switch.   

Come try it out at NAMM next week, booth 3744.   

We are still tweaking the design so customer feedback is desired and appreciated. 



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