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Charlie Paolo Custom Effects

The most versatile overdrive on your pedalboard! The Sapphire Transparent Overdrive is the secret sauce in your tone that delivers a clear and crisp punch to lead lines and rhythm playing.  Sometimes have controls for volume, tone, and drive just doesn't cut it.  The Sapphire Transparent Overdrive features four (4) different diode clipping options that each add their own distinct sound to the overdrive circuit.  They are as follows:

  • Open - fat and full sounding overdrive with plenty of push
  • Silicon - very hard and direct clipping with increased sustain
  • Germanium - very smooth and punchy
  • LED - kind of a blend between Silicon and Germanium, smooth but with a bite

Each Sapphire Transparent Overdrive is carefully handmade from start to finish using the highest quality analog components available and is true bypass to maintain the tone of your guitar and amp. Each Charlie Paolo Custom Effect comes with a 1 year manufacturers warranty. What are you waiting for? Upgrade your tone today!


  • Vintage gain with up to 30db boost (this thing can get loud!)
  • Includes display/storage box, 4 rubber bumpers, 4 guitar picks, Charlie Paolo Custom Decal, and instruction manual
  • Rugged die cast aluminum enclosure
  • High quality analog components
  • Hand-wired construction
  • 1 year manufacturers warranty (see below)
  • True Bypass wiring

Handcrafted sonic goodness built just for you in the beautiful tropical paradise of Bristol, Connecticut.

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