Chapter 53 Fuzzmaster


Chapter 53 Boutique Effects

The Fuzzmaster is based on two vintage circuits, the Fuzz Face and Rangemaster. The Fuzz Face has been used by many famous guitarists, such as Jimi Hendrix. The Rangemaster treble booster was also used by many great guitarists; it is used to push a tube amp into sweet, singing overdrive. Both of these pedals together can create some very cool tones. Running a Rangemaster into a Fuzz Face will give you a very smooth, high-gain distortion, similar to an overdriven Vox amplifier. The opposite, with a Fuzz Face into a Rangemaster gives you a squishy huge fuzz tone. Some boutique pedal companies have already similar design, but none have included an order switch so you can decide which circuit comes first in the chain.


  • NPN Germanium transistors in both the FF and RM so you can run it off of a standard +9v power supply
  • Voltage knob on the FF lets you adjust the voltage going to the circuit, resulting in cleaner, louder fuzz or nasty, spitty fuzz
  • Bass cut knob (that can be bypassed) lets you run the FF with a darker, dirty amp without getting mushy overly compressed
  • Switch on FF to remove the bass cut knob from the circuit
  • 100% true-bypass keeps your signal pure and unaffected when the pedal is off
  • Bright green and violet LED's so you know when it's on, even on a dark stage
  • Durable powder coated paint
  • Unique two-tone enclosure
  • High-quality components
  • Top mounted jacks save space on your pedalboard
  • Compact design
  • Free Priority Mail shipping

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