Chaosound Anti-Effect


The Anti-Effect destroys the sound by imitating electroacoustic track damage. It breaks the sound

in a chaotic way but you can control the way of sound destruction. You can now imitate mulfunctioning guitar cable and burning amplifier. You can also imitate thunder and lighting, as well as bombing and crushing. Just like the good old days, this is a kind of sound chopper. You put your sound and our guitar pedal will make it bleed.

This is not a distortion or tremolo (in some settings you can achieve something we call ChaosTremolo). We know it can take some time to get used to but we can assure you it's worth it. Regardless whether your regular guitar pedal is a kind of distortion or any other modelling effect, the sound of Anti-Effect is most interesting when it is set after it in the chain, creating intriquing sounds. Based on this way of sound destruction, the Anti-Effect allows you to achieve countless number of sound nuances depending really on the way you play and the type of your guitar.

To illustrate better one of the shades of anti-sound that inspired us, we recommend listening to ''Loaded'' by ZZ TOP. The bearded gentlemen sat in the studio and came up with some unique sounds. Joe Satriani himself asked one day Billy Gibbons how he managed to achieve such sound but this question has been left without an answer. It must have been some kind of ''musical magic'' ;)

We enclosed the variety of use in one box. We are aware of the fact that it's niche but we know what the Anti-Effect can do - it will be very effective as the extra spice to your guitar sound.

Use Possibilities:

  • Guitar Music
  • Film Scores & Destruction Soundscapes
  • Innovative Studio Tool (The Best Way To Annoy Sound Engineers)

Product Specs:

  • Hand Built And Hand Wired Circuitry
  • Based On Analogue Technology
  • Original And Unique Electronic Circuit
  • Selected Components
  • Temperature Tolerant Circuitry
  • True Bypass
  • 9v Power Input
  • Each Pedal Is Tone Tested
  • Operates On 9v Battery (Battery Holder Inside The Stompbox) Or Stabilized 9 Volt Dc Power Adapter (Not Included)
  • Approx. 3,5 Milliamps Consumption
  • Box Dimensions: W X D X H 7,09 X 5,91 X 1,18 Inches / 180 X 150 X 30 Mm
  • Total Height: 2,17 Inches / 55,12 Mm | Total Depth: 6,70 Inches / 170 Mm
  • Weight: 1,88 Lbs / 850 Grams


  • RATE knob: the speed of sound breaking (not in a common sense of speed) - increase chaos density
  • SEQUENCE knob: 4 different sequences with various ways of the sound destruction
  • DEPTH knob: the depth / level of sound breaking
  • EFFECT ON Footswitch
  • MAX DEPTH Footswitch: If you need more expression, the possibility of maximum sound destruction lies at your feet (regardless of the position of the Depth Knob maximum depth is achieved)

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