Chandler Limited Little Devil - Colored Boost



Wade Goeke (designer)

I offer to you the Little Devil Boost pedals. It is a Class A circuit design that is hand wired and constructed like all Chandler products, and offers a large amount of high quality colored gain, selection of boost range, and three feedback settings. The Little Devil Boost is inspired by our upcoming Little Devil 500 pre amp. The intense sounding discrete amps and feedback settings are the heart of the units. As with the Germ Pre and Little Devil pres you can manufacture and enhance sounds easily and have a variety of sounds at your disposal. The three position feedback switch on each pedal is very much like having three different pedals and when combined with the boost range and gain allow for even more experimentation.

Chandler Limited

Wade called this pedal a Colored Boost for a reason!  It’s not a clean boost, but it’s not a fuzz either. The Little Devil Colored Boost can gently color your Fender or drive your old Marshall into oblivion.

The soul of the Colored Boost is the Class A amplifier design and the selectable Feedback/Bias control. The six presets range from slightly fuzzy to a “in your face” plexi sound. Each preset has its own style of harmonic distortion and clipping, with different effects on a sine wave signal. Soft clipping; hard clipping; clipping on the top, bottom or both sides of a sine wave; and significant changes in frequency happen with each click of the Feedback/Bias switch. Capable of 39db of boost, the Colored Boost can easily range from gentle sustain to screaming vintage.

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