Chandler Musical Instruments is owned and operated by Paul and Adrian Chandler. They have been in the music business since 1980, selling guitar accessories, electronics, electric guitars & component parts, and fabricating pick guards for guitar manufacturers, technicians and collectors.

They also have a plastic engraving service for swag, trophies, awards, custom engraved pick guards, etc.

Timeline (by Paul Chandler)

  • July, 1980: Paul Chandler quit his day job at Blue Cross and moved from Oklahoma to California to concentrate on guitar accessory business. We were selling Cloisonne guitar lapel pins at the time. Sold hundreds of thousands of these pins both in- and outside of the music industry.
  • 1980s: Added to customer base & product line, primarily as a distributor of musical merchandise.
    • Opened pickguard machine shop in 1981.
    • Began making guitar bodies & necks in 1986 or so.
  • 1990s: Built revenue stream and expanded manufacturing operations, 25 employees. Discontinued manufacturing of electronic effects.
  • 1997: Moved to rural Northern California. Built new factory. Discontinued guitar manufacturing in 2009, concentrating on plastics fabrication operations.
  • Present: Company operates several websites & fabricates plastics.

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