Champion Leccy The Wee Fettle Boost


Champion Leccy

The Wee Fettle Boost is a dirty JFET boost from Champion Leccy. It comes in a hand painted mini (1590A) enclosure and has two internal gain stages, the first is a JFET boost, the second gain stage (BJT) can be engaged with the switch to add even more gain. There is an internal trimpot which acts as an overall volume control (set to maximum volume as standard) which can be tweaked to lower the output. It is not a clean boost. It adds a lot of gain when placed in front of another fuzz/distortion/overdrive pedal, and it adds character when placed after another gain pedal.

Controls are

  • gain knob
  • boost switch

All pedals are hand-painted and tend to revolve around a theme of characters' faces.

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