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Champion Leccy

The Fat Gett is an open bassy fuzz with a glitchy suboctave circuit in parallel on a second foot switch to add a load of thickness. With both foot switches engaged it's quite a beast, full of noisy warmth and texture. 

The fuzz section of the Fat Gett is a modified version of the Black Russian Big Muff with some value changes, asymmetric clipping (Ge/Si) and a few more influential tweaks. It has an AMZ style modified Big Muff tone stack and a switch to boost mids. It is also available as a standalone pedal known as 'the Gett'.

The glitchy suboctave was derived from experiments with the Midfi Electronics Random Number Generator. A significant number of parts and values were changed and added.

Controls are

  • Foot switch 1 - 'furz' - is the effect bypass
  • Foot switch 2 - 'bloat' - adds the glitchy suboctave
  • Furz (gain)
  • Girth (tone)
  • Podge (mid boost switch)
  • Bloat (sets the level of blend between the fuzz and the glitchy suboctave)
  • Gut (volume)

All Fat Getts are hand-painted, and all feature unique one off artwork. The artwork revolves around the theme of a pair of hairy legs, a lightning bolt and a pair of Y fronts. They are all hand made.

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