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Champion Leccy

The Evil Twin is a very versatile boost pedal. It is a combination of two Wee Fettle Boosts and a whole bunch of craziness all in one box. The first foot switch operates a standard Wee Fettle Boost giving its usual characteristic dirty JFET boost. The second foot switch engages its Evil Twin with a bunch of extra switches to control the amount of evil you want to add.

Options include lo-fi poor tracking lower octave randomness, frequency dependent resonance, a tremolo-like effect and oscillations. The oscillations can be controlled by all the controls on the pedal as well as the guitar's volume knob and pickup selector switch, turning your guitar into a whole different instrument. The controls are highly interactive.

Controls are:

  • Foot switch 1
    • gain knob
    • boost switch
  • Foot switch 2
    • gain knob
    • volume knob
    • 3 switches for shaping the craziness

The top switch in central position is the stock boost circuit. To the left it adds lo-fi pitch glitchiness, in this setting you can also use the second switch (depending on the gain and volume settings). With the switch to the right, all the controls come into effect shaping the rate of the tremolo effect (if set right), or the pitch and character of the oscillations.

All Evil Twin pedals are hand-painted. The artwork revolves around the theme of two rather unique Champion Leccy characters.

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