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Chamber Of Sounds

Does your analog delay do this? The Chamber of Sounds, LSD module, is the only handmade, light-controlled, analog, delay/vibrato module available today. Not only will you get spacetastic soundscapes and rich delay, but you can also use any light source to control the speed & depth of modulation, giving you deep & unusual vibrato/tremolo/delay effects unlike any other effect before. The new “Glitch Mode” feature is super cool too, turn the rate past 2:00 and things start sounding really strange! It’s also our first module equipped with a 9V-DC power jack.

LSD for Delay

When using with rhythmic inputs, tune in poly-rhythms by adjusting the time. You can easily dial in doubling effects, rolling triplets and traditional 1/8 note delays. If you use subtle, non-direct lighting with the LSD, such as a candle, or sunlight shining through trees, you can emulate an old, tape-delay, complete with wow & flutter. A longer delay time will increase the depth and range in which the flutter wavers. Longer time = trippier sounds!

LSD for Vibrato/Tremolo

If you use an LED lightstick, strobelight or any rhythmically, flashing, light source, you can make the LSD pulse in time with light, effecting the depth of modulation of your instrument. A little goes a long way, It’ll get as freaky as you want and then some. LSD was designed to rest a lightstick on top of it, making for an interesting light show as well. If you have a light that changes colors subtly, it’ll create a strange, sweeping effect. The light control is more effective with the room lights turned off and stage light shows also make for an intense sonic & visual set-up.

Why a module?

You may be asking yourself, why a module as opposed to the usual stompbox? It’s because we wanted the unit to be easily accessible on top of an amp or console, especially for use with light sources. This would be difficult if the unit was on the floor. Plus it’s too nice to be stepping on all the time!

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