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Chamber of Sounds

Make analog, alien transmissions from the palm of your hand

Jupiter III is a unique, handheld, analog percussion synth, optical theremin and way-out space sound generator by Chamber of Sounds. You can simply tap the box, or trigger it with any external audio signal, from a drum machine, metronome or computer, to make outer-worldly sounds and spacey rhythms.

It's handcrafted in the desert, in a fully solar workshop, and used by many notable artists - such as Devo's Mark Mothersbaugh, on the recent Lego movie soundtrack, as well as on the new Dr. Dog record. J3's old-skool, analog sound suits many genres of music, as well as the most out-there sonic explorations.

Jupiter III is handbuilt to last, with only the finest components & construction and does what some big, analog synths can do, but in the palm of your hand, or on the desktop. Designed for the producer & live performer who want that fat, analog sound, without the steep learning curve and high price tag.

Each unit is signed, dated and numbered by COS.

  • circuit: analog
  • trigger: internal piezo or audio input
  • power: 9V battery or A/C adapter
  • function: touch-sensitive percussion synth & optical theremin
  • range: many, many octaves

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