Custom Guitar Tone Comp


Custom Guitar Tone

A fantastic hand built vintage "Squeeze" style compressor!!

The CGT Compressor sounds great not only for country pickin', it'll add sustain to any guitar signal while maintaining your natural tone. Crank up the Volume control and you've got a Lead Boost with incredibly long lasting sustaining notes. Our circuit is based on the vintage style comps' made famous by so many bands and musicians. We've taken the best of the vintage and blended it with the newer technology in analog circuits creating an incredibly versatile, quiet and highly usable compressor. In fact once you zero in on "your sound" using the Ratio and Volume controls as well as the internal Attack control you won’t want to shut it off, of course if you do, it's got REAL true bypass switching with a hardwired, high-end 3pdt foot switch, there'll be no tone sucking here.

The CGT Compressor not only sounds great it looks superb too! Housed in a super cool Road Rage enclosure made of 3mm thick anodized aluminum, topped off with a metal bezel and 3mm Cool Blue LED. The circuit board is hand built and hand soldered one-at-time using audiophile grade solder and hook-up wire. Even the printing is hand stamped; this is in every sense of the word a hand built boutique effect pedal!!

CGT Compressor Features:

  • Your choice of front mounted or side mounted in and Out Jacks
  • Volume Control
  • Sustain Control
  • Internal Attack Control
  • Alpha Potentiometers - the industry standard in boutique pedals.
  • Texas Instruments Op-amps - for the best sound quality
  • Top Quality REAN Jacks - considered the best available
  • Taiwan Blue 3pdt Foot Switches - for REAL true-bypass switching
  • 2.1mm 9 volt Negative Pin power adaptor Jack - compatible with any standard PSA Adaptor.
  • High Quality 9v battery snap
  • Premium Road Rage Anodized Aluminum Enclosure
  • Bright Blue ON/OFF LED
  • Fully tested and burned in by the original builder

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