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Celestial Effects

The Scorpio Super Boost does not fit easily into one category. It emits elements of a boost, fuzz and an overdrive/distortion in a small, simple package.

Only one control on this effect - GAIN.

With the gain control set all the way off or counterclockwise, the output signal will be virtually one to one to the guitar signal but with a slight treble/mid boost.

With the gain at 100%, the Scorpio provides a very large, treble/mid predominant tone with a hint of fuzz that teeters on the edge of distortion.

Many users have commented that the Scorpio Super Boost delivers a very Jimmy Page style tone that is very crisp, with nicely layered harmonics.

Since its introduction, every Celestial Effects prototype tester has dubbed this pedal their "secret weapon" and have permanently added them to their standard pedal board rigs and refuse to give them up.

The Scorpio can also be used as a preamp into other pedals with very harmonically stunning results.

Built like a tank using the best components available, including an all metal powder coated enclosure, encapsulated main board, CTS pots and Switchcraft jacks. Totally hand built, this pedal will keep you rocking for many years to come.

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