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Celestial Effects

The Aquarius Fuzz was developed with a specific idea in mind, to provide both a germanium and silicon sounding fuzz in one box but use only silicon based transistors. We began the development of the circuit on a standard fuzz circuit platform and plugged in nearly 100 available transistor combinations in search of “The Tone” but were not completely happy with any single transistor combination.

Some sounded thin and brittle, others fat but not enough gain. Then an idea struck us, why not combine a pair of transistors to achieve the correct tone. So back to drawing board we went and began testing pairs of transistors in parallel to coax the right balance of tone and gain from the circuit. The result is Aquarius which has a nice balance of gain with a versatility of tones.

The FAT control allows you to mix in just right amount of bass and the IMP control allows you to adjust the input impedance to the first gain stage which yields a more germanium sounding fuzz with its control fully counter clockwise or a more biting silicon style fuzz with its control set fully clockwise and many combination in between.

A nice trick we also found was that pushing the input with our Scorpio Super Boost, the fuzz tones available from Aquarius are limitless.

The Aquarius is a true bypass pedal and uses no buffers or tone circuits in its design. It features two pairs of paralleled transistors to achieve its gain. The Aquarius does not take over your tone but enhances it transparently.

There is very little noise filtering in the circuit which allows your guitar’s entire signal to come through. The Aquarius is extremely touch sensitive and responds beautifully to every nuance of your guitar playing. The Aquarius also cleans up nicely when you roll back the volume on your guitar.

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