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    Celestial Effects is run by Domenic Mancini (designer) and Joe Grein (marketing) and is located in Hudson, MA, USA.

    Timeline (by Domenic Mancini)

    • July 2008 - Domenic Mancini proposes idea to Joe Grein about building pedals as a second division of Thermalogic. Joe and the owners love the idea and give the green light to start developing the pedal designs in ernest for mass production. Two full years are used to design, tool up and field test the first four pedals, Taurus (first), Virgo (second), Capricorn (third) and Scorpio (fourth).

    • June 2009 - Thermalogic applies for Trademark of Celestial Effects brand name and first use of name and 12 zodiac named pedals is established. Trademark process takes over a year. In the mean time Dom is building a team of testers and also recruiting local talent to field test the pedals, make changes and overall finalize the designs.

    • August 2010 - Trademark lawyers inform us all is well but have to wait out any challenges to the Celestial Effects name until Jan 1, 2011. During this time, website and all other infrastructures are developed ready to launch.

    • Jan 2011 - Green light is given by trademark lawyers and Celestial Effects officially launches on Feb 13 2011. Still feeling the waters only local advertising is done but our local presence is beginning to grow and Celestial Effects blossoms.

    • March 2011 - Mark Farner tries pedals (skeptical at first) but is extremely surprised at what he is conjuring from the pedals and approaches Dom to build an all in one pedal, the Librarian idea is born. Dome and Mark go back and forth for 6 months in developing the design and in September of 2011 the design is finalized and ready for prototyping.

    • Sept 2011 - First national advertisement is released in Vintage Guitar Magazine and all major on line websites.

    • November 2011 - Librarian Pedal is done and artwork design begins with Mark.

    • Jan 2012, Mark Farner visits Celestial Effects to pick up the Librarian in person, shoot promo photos, film part of the documentary "I'm you captain - The Mark Farner story" and is also presented with a Sinn-Ah Wah to go along with the Librarian pedal.

    • Feb 2012 - So much going on now - IT'S CRAZY

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