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This pedal produces sounds similar to the original “Classic” octave pedals of yesteryear. Great sounds when two or more strings on the guitar are activated together giving a “Ring-Modulator” effect.

Place this pedal before other "Powered" pedals.

review by Nick Halman, rhythm/lead guitarist of "PowerLines"

The performance of the Cave Passive Pedals "MING-RODULATOR" is a classic "OCTAVIO" at its finest; it has a single control which is the "Intensity control" this allows how much effect you want. As I now play professionally in a band I decided to use this classic sounding pedal and I couldn't be happier with its simple features and great effect.

The sound is a raspy, fuzzy-type overdriven tone and sounds great through my Gibson SG's humbuckers which are the standard 498t and 490r pickups. I have also tried coupling it up to my Jimi Hendrix Dunlop WAH which gives a higher frequency and literally sounds like someone “Strangling a cat” and allows a killer sound for rock solo's and reaching the higher frets.

The disadvantages of the pedal are playing jazz chords as they get muffled and the sound "disfigures" but if you are playing power chords and open chords this does NOT occur. I would highly recommend this pedal to anyone who is interested in playing rock'n'roll as this is an essential pedal to own. This pedal has so much power for a passive unit it is truly unbelievable!

Rating: 9.5/10

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