Cave Passive Pedals


    Cave Passive Pedals, now commonly known as just "Cave", is owned by Heath and Georgina Cave in Australia. Heath is the chief designer and Georgina, the administrator.

    Timeline (by Heath Cave)

    • 1979 - first electric guitar. Just as interested in how it worked, as well as playing it.
    • 1980s - copy effect pedal designs and experiment in various electronic ideas, inc. original transmitter designs (later discovered inventors had perfected the idea many years before!)
    • 1986 - finish college studying physics and electronics.
    • 1986-2009 - focus on professional career as musician playing with well known characters within industry. Also, continue to develop passive circuit designs.
    • 2009 - retire from professional music scene and focus on passive pedal effects industry. A great team of dedicated personnel is created. Launch of original Grunt.

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