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Growl, bite and grit with mouth-watering harmonic overtones.

One of our Cathouse testers asked us to build a pedal with the soul of his early-80s Rat v2 but with a tone filter to tame highs and bring out the awesome mid- and low-frequency harmonics in his mix. The prototype he fell in love with eventually became the Rat Fink.

Like everything you buy at Cathouse, five dollars from this pedal goes straight to animal rescue groups we work with and trust.

Why we love it: 

To get those great mid- and low-end harmonics, Cat house uses a hard-to-find op-amp from 30 years ago. Slow performance and lopsided frequency gain create a growling distortion with incredibly musical harmonics over mids and lows. A solid tone control means only keep the highs you want.  The singing sustain and chugging, rhythmic character of the Rat Fink have a place on every pedal board.

Sounds like:

Being surrounded by the smell of Seattle flannel and radio music where the lyrics are nonsense but the emotions are real as you stand outside a warehouse party wondering whether you're in love with this Gwen Stefani lookalike – or just letting this crazy '90s ecstasy get the better of you. 

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