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Pleasant, fuzzy and warm. Like a summer night of swilling mescal – only without the next day’s hangover.

The Fuzzy Tongue is our hand-built and individually balanced version of the classic ‘60s fuzz face with all the roundness and warmth of real old germanium transistors. Use it to dial in delicate, rich pick response or crank up a warm rumble and sustain that's less noisy and fussy than vintage models. And we've updated to share the same power supply as your other pedals (9v DC, Boss-style center negative). 

Like everything you buy at Cathouse, five dollars from this pedal goes straight to animal rescue groups we work with and trust.

Why we love it:

Our rich and creamy Cathouse fuzz comes from a pair of '60s-'70s-era germanium transistors that we match and bias for every pedal. The wild inconsistencies of these early germaniums drove players in the 60s to bribe store owners to search new shipments for that one pedal that just sounded "right."

We balance every pedal to play like that once-a-shipment unicorn – with rich, creamy saturation and two knobs full of limitless tonal possibilities. 

Sounds like:

Jeff Beck nailing your mom after a Yardbirds concert and then bragging about it to the Stones during one of their early studio sessions. 

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