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A dangerous, depraved and profoundly twisted personal indulgence

The Bender is the product of our quest to make a modern, reliable pedal with all the weirdness and wail of a vintage Three-Knob Tone Bender (a Cathouse personal favorite).

Like everything you buy at Cathouse, five dollars from this pedal goes straight to animal rescue groups we work with and trust.

Why we love it:

ItÂ’s really hard to match and bias a set of three vintage germanium transistors, but we do it for every pedal because when you get it right, the three knobs have a crazy interplay with tons of warm fuzz tones on tap. ItÂ’s absolutely a labor of love.

All classic tones in a modern, high-performance package that daisy chains to the same power supply as your other 9v pedals.

Sounds like:

Fond memories of all your teenage groping soundtracked by Led Zep I and II that make you appreciate how both you and your vinyl collection have made it this far in life.

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