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Catalinbread (press release, January 19, 2012)

Chief circuit designer Howard Gee and Nicholas Harris began working on our take on the classic uni-vibe about 3 years ago. We spent many months playing various benchmark uni-vibe pedals. Not to mention Howard has THAT sound ingrained into his DNA. Work continued... Then about a year ago Nicholas ran into J Mascis at a Portland show, where J asked Nicholas why no other manufacturers can make a good vibe and asked that we do so. Nicholas told J that we would. And of course we want to make sure J has the best vibe in the world... Howard also has high standards and requirements of a vibe. So the Catalinbread vibe will be released only when Howard is completely happy with our creation.

  • Classic Uni-vibe inspired "vibe"
  • Independent rate controls for chorus and vibrato modes.
  • Incandescent bulb opto controlled phase shift stages.
  • "Cancel" function which allows for old school uni-vibe "bypass" sounds.
  • Offset knob allows control over the center frequency of the vibe.
  • Input knob allows the player to control their input impedance from traditional to high.
  • Volume control.
  • Intensity control.
  • Expression pedal capable to control rates.
  • Tap tempo capable.

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