Catalinbread Valcoder Repeat Percussion Tremolo


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Paul Bunyan didn't chop this hard!

The Valcoder was designed to replicate the square wave tremolo sound that was available from the old Valco-designed amps of the 1960s. What the Valcoder has over those older units is an additional Depth control that the amps lacked - so you can get shallow and shimmery type tremolos as well as the full-on machine gun staccato choppy stuff. The Speed knobs range extends further than most other tremolos out there too - from super slow ‘I shouldn't have drank all that cough syrup!' pulses to pseudo ring mod/delay ping tones at the max settings. If you have onboard triangle wave amp tremolo already, the Valcoder can offer you a totally different flavor that still sounds amp-like and natural - all stuffed into our cute little Bantam Box enclosure.

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