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Catalinbread (2007)

Okay What the heck is this thing? Similar to my old ______ that my cat puked on 10 years ago? What can it be compared to? It's boutique right so what was is it a clone of? Well I have to say SORRY! We don't know of any similar pedals! We consider this a blessing and a curse. A curse cause we don't know how to market this thing! A blessing cause we can no longer keep up with all the emails from customers customers who say, "I dunno what it is about the SCOD... But when I play through it time flies right by. It makes me play more!"

Our goal designing this unit was two fold. First, we wanted to use a particular semiconductor device that we hadn't seen used for this type of application. Second, We wanted a great dirtbox that didn't use diode clamps (Not mosfet clamps, not Si diode clamps, not Ge diode clamps) Diode clamps just chop your instrument's signal, killing your dynamics and character. Instead we insisted on cascaded gain stages, with careful component selection, mindful to maintain control over blocking distortion, to sculpt a stompbox that did things like a nice amp would. The result? Nice and tight harmonically pleasing distortion that cuts through for leads, tightens up your sound for chords, and if you wanna use it like a vintage treble booster you could do that too!

We admit we referenced many of our favorite amps' schematics for inspiration, but making a "plexi-in-a-box" or "org-in-a-box" was never a design goal. The sound and FEEL is 'brown' for all of us synaesthesiacs. Maybe it's even tube-like, inspite of my extreme distrust of this term for stompboxes. ;)

It has been some time since we released the SCOD. We keep turning them out as fast as we can. It is humbling to turn something like this loose onto the public and have it's popularity take off beyond your wildest imagination! We are incredibly thankful for our current and future players!

This pedal is fitting for all styles of music hot country to virtuoso metal to shoegaze emotional dudes.


SuperCharged OD The audio equivalent of a forced induction high displacement big block make up the heart of the SCOD's "distortion powerplant". It is designed like a tube amp, fine tuned cascaded gain stages cause the distortion, not diodes. We knew we had a winner when it made our 5W 6V6 amp push air like a full stack. This pedal rocks harder than a Heart 8-track in a Hemi Cuda outside of a high school in 1978!

The tone for leads is balanced, focused, and sustains forever. Chords are chunky, tight, and resonant. Turn the GAIN and CONTOUR down for hi-wattage British sounds. Increasing the GAIN brings you into more modern saturation teritories without un-natural compression.Crank the CONTOUR knob and you tighten up the lowend adding resonance of a sealed 4x12.

The SCOD is capable of huge amounts of output and the gain can be down right METAL. Inspite of this the noise level is remarkably low. The distortion is natural without the buzzy "chopping" or "squaring" of your guitar's signal as often associated with high gain and metal pedals. This means you can play chords with your SCOD and not cause bizarre intermodulation.

Don't be surprised to find your daily 30 minute practice session lasting an hour or more with the SCOD. This pedal is truly inspiring.

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