Catalinbread Silver Kiss


Catalinbread Silver Kiss

Silver Kiss Mk. II is three pedals in one - a low to medium gain dynamic overdrive, 3-band equalizer, and clean boost all rolled into one small package.

The overdrive character is highly dynamic and amp-like - clear and detailed, with a very natural sounding note decay. Picking dynamics galore, from just breaking up grit to full on overdrive all depending on how hard you attack the strings.

The 3-band EQ is the heart of the Silver Kiss Mk. II. It has a very effective EQ curve, not just a simple cut style arrangement. The Treble control tames the brightest amps, or can add as much sparkle as you wish. The Mids control ranges from fully scooped to woody mid-rich tones. The Bass control can tighten up a loose, flubby low end or fill out the bottom end without muddying up your tone.

The Silver Kiss Mk. II can also be used as a completely clean volume booster since the overdrive can be dialed out of the circuit entirely and the EQ can be set completely flat.

All of us at Catalinbread are proud to know we've got a unique pedal in the Silver Kiss Mk. II - it offers an amazing amount of tonal flexibility in one affordable stomp box. We hope it will inspire you to go do what you do best - make music!

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