Catalinbread Super Chili Picoso


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Catalinbread (2003-2008)

You've discovered the Catalinbread Super Chili Picoso, a bad assed clean boost pedal based on the Guru Jack Orman's topology. It like many of its predecessors utilizes the BS170 MOSFET to boost your signal with a very natural tube like response.

The Super Chili Picoso is the clean boost pedal folks guage others by. With about 35dB boost, it can however drive the input of a nice tube amp into the type of overdrive that guitar players have desired for years. I probably will never go back to the Screamer for a "natural" dynamic overdrive tone.


The Super Chili Picoso is Catalinbread's infamous MOSFET boost. The SCP based off of the “MOSFET BOOST” circuit designed by the great Jack Orman ( MOSFETs characteristics are great for guitar boost due to their musical sparkle, HiFi response, and immediate feel. The SCP utilizes every advantage of the MOSFET.

The SCP has three main functions:

  • Buffer Mode
  • Clean Boost Mode
  • Fat Grit Boost Mode

Buffering Mode turn the boost knob down and you have the perfect buffer, high input impedance, very low output impedance and mirror perfect tone presentation.

Clean Boost Mode provides upward of 35dB of boost that will help you leap through the mix or drive your amp into a natural overdrive.

Fat Grit Boost Mode provides a ton of boost while adding girth and pleasing harmonics that fill-out your tone.

The SCP gives you MORE of what you've already got!

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