Catalinbread Ottava Magus - Octave Ring Multiplier


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Tired of those glitchy note decays with no sustain from all the other octave pedals you've tried? So were we...

Go ahead - bend a note and hold it. Dissonant double stops - sure why not? There are no more abrupt drops from your octave losing its ability to track, just a natural note fade out.

Capable of subtle ‘flutey' high octave tones or crazier full-on ring mod sounds, the Intensity control covers a wide range for such a tiny pedal. The input sensitivity is much more forgiving than typical octaves, so you can actually get a lot of different flavors just by adjusting the controls on your guitar. Back off your guitar volume for more subtle parts and still have the octave clear and present with the natural decays intact. Play on your bridge pickup down low on the neck for piano-like overtones on your bass strings - try that with a conventional octave pedal!

There's tons of output on tap to pummel your preamp or another dirt box into sonic submission as well.

Oh - and it has purple knobs. You like purple, right?

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