Catalinbread Manx Loaghtan Fuzz




Introducing the Manx Loaghtan Fuzz... Chunky Heavy chords, flutey singing to violin sustainy leads. Powerful Baxandall tone controls offer independent control over the bass and treble frequencies so that there is never a balancing act compromise!

About the Baxandall tone control: Crank both treble and bass to 3 O'clock + and you get a classic scooped midrange. Back both off, while turning up the volume knob and your midrange content increases. Park the treble and roll back the bass and the midrange scoop frequency shifts downward so you have complete control over which frequencies you are cutting. Roll the bass below noon and you start to add a bump to your midrange which is great for running into a hot amp. Super rock and roll fun tone control, yay!

Goals (possibly written in psychobabble): We wanted HUGE lowend that wouldn't wolf out with the neck pickup. We wanted a flute like sing with nice upper harmonics ringing through. We wanted violin like sustain. We wanted to be able to use this into a hot amp if you wish to, so when you lower the bass nice mid range content can cut through without getting lost in the mix. We wanted it to not be a compromise between too bright and too bassy, but also be capable of doing either or both with a nice mid range scoop in order to sound HEAVY for chunky chords. We also wanted the SUSTAIN range to be usable all the way throughout the dial. Some of the tones we referenced range from Gilmour to Black Keys to J. Mascis to Dead Meadow to Thurston Moore to Adrian Belew.

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