Catalinbread V8 Fuzz Tone Generator kit



Introducing the Catalinbread V8 Fuzztone Generator "F*CK IT. YOU BUILD IT." kit. This kit includes everything you need to build this pedal. Unlike some other people who sell kits of Catalinbread pedals, this pedal has all of the correct parts to get the sound intended. Not to mention a freaking high quality, thru-hole plated circuit board, not some ferric cloride bathroom methlab etched nonsense.

Like I already said, you could probably source the parts yourself. But if your time is worth anything, this is ready to populate and rock.

The V8 Fuzztone Generator was born out of the HyperPak. I wanted something fuzzy bass heavy that self osciallated in a cool way. It really doesn't sound like the HyperPak either.

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