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Introducing the Catalinbread HyperPak "F*CK IT. YOU BUILD IT." kit. This kit includes everything you need to build this freaking pedal. Unlike some other people who sell kits of Catalinbread pedals, this pedal has all of the correct parts to get the sound intended. Not to mention a freaking high quality, thru-hole plated circuit board, not some ferric cloride bathroom methlab etched nonsense.

Yes, yes, you could source the parts yourself, cleaver fella. But if your time is worth anything, this is ready to populate and rock.

The HyperPak was inspired by the Anderton Tube Sound Fuzz. There are other clones of this circuit, none using the CD4007 that I am aware of. Why did we use the CD4007? Because we had an assload of them and I think they sound great.

I love plugging a P90 equipt guitar into the HyperPak, it just rocks! You can go from pretty darned clean picking lightly to crunchy hitting it hard. Cause I am a bit older bastard I think Billy Gibbons, you are free to think anybody you want to.

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