Catalinbread was founded by Nicholas Harris, who is still president and runs the company with help from eight other talented souls in Portland, OR, USA.

Timeline (by Nicholas Harris)

  • June 2003 -- Brad of Tonefactor asked to sell Super Chili Picoso, founding Catalinbread as a pedal company.
  • August 2003 -- Derek Moss (webmaster/designer, soon to be director of marketing) came up with our tagline "Specialized Mechanisms of Music", as well as our "Slick Kid" mascot, he began the process of making our offerings into a cohesive brand.
  • Early 2004 -- the Semaphore Tremolo was released, to this day it continues to be a top seller.
  • August 2006 Catalinbread located from Seattle to Portland.
  • Late 2007 -- we hired Howard Gee (chief circuit designer), Mike "erksin" Erickson (Customer Suport Manager), and Derek Moss joined us as a permanent member of the staff.
  • 2008-2009 -- we released the Dirty Little Secret (Marshall in a box) causing a giant sensation.
  • 2008 -- Stefanie Castillo joined the crew to assist me with retailer relations and getting stuff out the door!
  • 2008 -- we went from decals to Lexan faceplates for graphics.
  • 2008 to present -- we released the very successful SFT, FN5, Pareidolia, Merkin Fuzz, Perseus Suboctave Fuzz, Montavillian Echo.
  • 2009 -- Sharlet Thompson joined the staff to populate circuit boards, she now leads the helm in our custom shop offerings.
  • 2010 -- Bryan Lundstrom joined the crew to help populate circuit boards. He is a fuzz fanatic and is currently in charge of parts procurement. Hopefully, he will build some custom shop fuzzes!
  • 2010 -- Began the shift from Lexan faceplates to two color silk screen graphics. From plastic knobs to machined aluminum knobs.
  • 2011 -- released the Manx Loaghtan, DLS MKII, CB30 and the upcoming Naga Viper.
  • 2011 -- we hired Jackson Conrad to help build, but I think soon he will help us with creative endeavors such as videos!



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