Caswell Modern Electronics (CME) Tahiti Terror


Caswell Modern Electronics (CME)

Brewed from the deep swells of Pacific Ocean, the Caswell Modern Electronics Tahiti Terror is a harmonically rich boost and pre-amp that will add a bit of crunch and a load of sparkle to your tone Luau.

Tahiti Terror is based on the popular LM1458N Op Amp used by Roland in their RE-301 Chorus Echo. Twangters have been using the Re-301 for decades to take the snappy edge off of a single coil pickup guitar and warm up the front end of Bassman amps. In higher gain scenarios the Tahiti Terror will add an electric cut and clarity to your leads.

The Tahiti Terror has updates from previous LM1458 pedals including an increased reactive gain set from the right volume knob and improved response from the bass roll-off knob on the left that keeps the overdrive from getting woofy or farting out your speaker.

Like the rest of our Pacific Series the Tahiti Terrors are covered and hand finished in a number of exotic prints collected from around the globe! As these prints are hand cut, no 2 pedals will have the exact same image on them. But if there is an element in the print that you like let us know and we will do our best to include it on your pedal.

Runs from a 9VDC negative center power source but also includes an internal 9-volt battery clip.

Price includes shipping to the continental US

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