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Stuart Castledine Electronics

The standard wah features an updated version of the 1967 Vox Clyde McCoy circuit. The circuit board has four trimpots to allow tweaking and is therefore capable of a range of sounds.


  • Replica halo inductor - hand wound and individually fine-tuned
  • Trimpots for adjustment of Q, Bass/Gain, Mids and Volume
  • High quality FR-4 glass-epoxy circuit board
  • 1% tolerance metal film resistors
  • Transistors selected for gain and low noise
  • True bypass switching
  • DC socket

Options (at extra cost):

  • Custom inductor
  • "Tropical Fish" capacitors
  • 6-way sweep range selector

My standard inductor is a hand-wound replica of the halo inductors found in early Vox wahs. I can also wind custom inductors on request, subject to an additional charge.

Halo inductors were used in the first Italian-made Vox wahs, notably the Clyde McCoy. These inductors are only available on replacement boards or in wah rebuilds from me or Tom Lanik at North Star Audio. I no longer sell inductors separately, nor do I supply any other manufacturers.

The circuit board (pictured below) is also available separately as a drop-in mod for Vox V847 wahs. The PCB will also fit any Thomas Organ or Dunlop Crybaby, or the Vox V848, with modifications to the wiring. It will not fit the new Chinese-made V845 or V847-A, as the PCB mounting bosses are in different locations.

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