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Introducing the Casimir Effects Pedals "Wave Equation" Clean Boost

The Concept
The Wave Equation, an essential tool for modern Physics, describes propagation of Electromagnetic Waves.
Casimir Effects Pedals "Wave Equation" is an essential tool for any pedal board.

Based on the legendary Jack Orman MOSFET Booster, this pedal will add a Clean Boost to your guitar or instrument signal. The single knob adjusts the volume by biasing the transistor - during this movement there is a crackle, an unfortunate unavoidable byproduct in pursuit of the perfect pedal.

It would be naive to think that the Casimir Effects "Wave Equation" is used solely to increase the volume of a guitar. It can be used in three distinct ways:

  1. To Cut through the Mix with a precisely dialled-in extra notch of volume
  2. To Drive your amp into Natural Overdrive - excellent for tube amp grit at bedroom levels
  3. To Buffer your signal - high input impedance helps reduce tone degradation through long cables

The Details

  • Boutique, Handwired, Hi-fi tone
  • Highest quality components: Alpha potentiometers, Neutrik Jacks, Panasonic Capacitors & Metal film resistors
  • True Bypass Heavy Duty Stomp Switch
  • Single knob controls the bias of the MOSFET Transistor, increasing the Gain
  • Powered by Boss style 2.1mm DC Jack or 9V battery
  • Green LED held securely in Chrome Bezel
  • Housed in an "MXR-sized" 111x60x30mm Aluminium Enclosure - excellent shielding to reduce noise

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