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Introducing the Casimir Effects Pedals "Vacuum Energy" Treble Boost.

It uses an AC187 Germanium Transistor. What is so special about this? There are other excellent handmade treble boost pedals on the market offering that vintage tone with NOS (New Old Stock) components. What many fail to tell you is that these OC44 Germanium Transistors require a Negative Ground Power Supply. Simply put, this means that such pedals CAN NOT be used "daisy chained" on the same power supply as modern pedals such as Boss or Electro Harmonix.

The beauty of the Casimir Effects "Vacuum Energy" Treble Boost is that is CAN be powered by your "daisy chained" 9V power supply along with all your other pedals.

The Concept

  • Based on the legendary Rangemaster, this pedal will add a Treble Boost to your guitar or instrument signal. The single knob adjusts the gain of the boost.
  • The Casimir Effects "Vacuum Energy" is perfect for that vintage tone. It can be used in two distinct ways:
    • To Cut through the Mix with a precisely dialled-in extra notch of Treble Boosted volume
    • To Drive your amp into Natural Overdrive - excellent for tube amp creamy sustain at bedroom levels

The Details

  • Boutique, Handwired, Hi-fi tone
  • Highest quality components: Alpha potentiometers, Neutrik Jacks, Panasonic Capacitors & Metal film resistors
  • Hand-selected Germanium Transistor
  • True Bypass Heavy Duty Stomp Switch
  • Single knob controls the Treble Boosted Gain
  • Powered by Boss style 2.1mm DC Jack
  • Green LED held securely in Chrome Bezel
  • Housed in an "MXR-sized" 111x60x30mm Aluminium Enclosure - excellent shielding to reduce noise

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