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Casimir Effects Pedals

This pedal will add a huge sounding fuzz to your guitar. The pedal has excellent sensitivity to picking dynamics and guitar volume. Words can only describe so much subjectively, check out the sound clips for yourself!

The Casimir Effects "Entropy Fuzz" is perfect for everything from smooth, defined growl to a rich, thick wall of fuzz.

The Details

  • Boutique, Handwired, Hi-fi tone
  • Highest quality components: Alpha potentiometers, Neutrik Jacks, Panasonic Capacitors & Metal film resistors
  • True Bypass Heavy Duty Stomp Switch
  • Single knob controls the Treble Boosted Gain
  • Powered by Boss style 2.1mm DC Jack
  • Green LED held securely in Chrome Bezel
  • Housed in an "MXR-sized" 111x60x30mm Aluminium Enclosure - excellent shielding to reduce noise
  • In Stock, in UK, Immediate Dispatch!

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