Casimir Effects Pedals Dying Battery Simulator


Casimir Effects Pedals

Have you ever heard someone say their effects pedal sounds better as the 9V battery gets old?

This little space-saving box is designed to emulate that dying battery consistently, using your existing 9V power supply!

Concept & Features:

  • Circuits behave in interesting ways when the power supply begins to fade
  • Find New Tones from Fuzz pedals, Glitchy noises from Delay pedals, Experiment with it!
  • Housed in a tiny 65x24x43mm ABS Enclosure
  • Alpha Potentiometer allows full control of the output voltage between 3.9V and 9V
  • No additional cables required - unlike other similar units available
  • Insert your power supply into the Dying Battery Simulator's Boss style 2.1mm DC jack
  • Insert the Dying Battery Simulator's 6" cable into your effects pedal's 9V power input
  • Handwired
  • In Stock, in UK, Immediate Dispatch!

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