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This is just a little something-something we’ve always had the goods to do, and finally just want to make a batch of for our customers. We’d been setting aside the little circuit boards, we had a pile of enclosures, boxes and bags, and said “wait, why have we NOT done this before???”

So for this holiday season, if you need a buffer to help preserve your signal fidelity through those long cable runs and that maze of a signal chain you’re running, you can pick up a USA hand-made, high z (500k) in and low z (<1k) out buffer with the patch for the same price or cheaper than the foreign made, mass-produced stuff out there.

And if you don’t think you’d need a buffer, check this sweet detail out: it has a switch. That’s right. You can plug in, power it up, and actually tell right away whether a buffer would be to your benefit or not. Or you can leave it on, then turn it off if you’ve got a Wave Cannon or Fuzz Face downstream from it that doesn’t like a low-z signal.

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