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The unit contains two parametric equaliser sections. Each section has three controls; the parametric "Frequency" allows you to select the frequency at which the section will operate, and the parametric "Gain" allows you to boost or cut the chosen frequency range. The "Q" switch gives you three choices of frequency boost or cut. The "Low" position allows the "Gain" to work over a wide range of frequencies centred upon the frequency chosen by the respective parametric "Frequency" control. The "Normal" position narrows the range of frequencies that can be boosted or cut and gives an operating characteristic which is the same as that in the Carlsbro guitar amplifiers. The "High" position of the "Q" switch allows you to boost or cut a narrow range of frequencies allowing you to create very special tone variations. The "high" Q mode can also be used to reduce acoustic feedback in p.a. and monitoring applications by "cutting" out the problem frequencies.

Effect on/off is provided by the footswitch and the "ON" LED indicator will glow when the effect is operating.

The "Gain" control allows you to match the gain of the modified signal to that of the direct signal as well as providing sustain in its higher positions.

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  • Input Impedance
    470k Ohms
  • Output Impedance
    2.2k Ohms
  • Maximum Input Signal with overload
    3V RMS (Parametric Gains at '0')
  • Gain (Overall)
    Variable using input gain control - allows accurate volume balance for effect "on/off"
  • Frequency Range Parametric 1
  • Frequency Range Parametric 2
  • Gain Range Parametric 1&2
    +/- 20db Normal "Q", +/- 20db High "Q", +/- 18db Low "Q"
  • Q Variation
    3 Settings on each parametric; Normal, High and Low
  • Power Requirements
    200-250V 50/60Hz.

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