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Carl Martin

Welcome to Hellsgate... the new heavy metal standard in the guitar world! This pedal/pre-amp shows off a whole new look for Carl Martin, but maintains the high quality sound and control we have come to expect. The pedal/preamp features 3 Band EQ, separate Mid-Scoop, switchable ultra-quick Noise Gate and crystal clear 15 db Boost, as well as loads of articulate Gain and Level. The controls provide a fast responsive bottom end with an over-all transparency and responsiveness that is unequaled. Hellsgate solves another problem that plagues the touring and fly-in artist who has to deal with back-line amps that may or may not produce their sound. Carl consulted with many of his heavy metal guitar friends and found that the Power Sections of most amplifiers are more consistent in sound than the pre-amps. Therefore, plugging the Hellsgate into the Loop Return allows you to use the amplifiers Power Section, and your own pre-amp, so you will achieve your signature sound at every gig. New standard indeed Carl!

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