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Carl Martin Vintage series

After being in the Carl Martin workshop for a couple years, the Purple Moon is here with the most creative guitarists in mind. The Purple Moon is the only true bypass, all analog, dual speed Vibe with Fuzz, and it is your ticket to recreating the same classic guitar sounds  from the '60s and '70s that inspired Carl to design. Like the rest of the pedals in the Vintage Series, the Purple Moon features a die-cast case with its own special color, mini knobs for ease of use, high quality switching, bright visible LEDs and a choice of 9 V battery power, or suitable transformer.

To begin with, the Purple Moon has been designed with extremely interactive controls which link the Vibe and

Fuzz. So, even though you can use the Vibe on its own by turning down the Level on the Fuzz control, you cannot actually use the Fuzz on its own. By placing the Fuzz circuit within the Vibe circuit, Carl has been able to create tonal magic, allowing you to create a clean vibe sound at two switchable speeds, a vibe sound with some fuzz way in the background, or leave the vibe in the background and max out the fuzz. In any case, the vibe is always on when the pedal is activated, and only the fuzz can be bypassed. This lets the obsessive tone gurus create their own signature sound!

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