Carl Martin Buff Deluxe



Carl Martin

Dual high quality signal buffer from high to low impedance, with a tuner out and mute switch.

The Buff Deluxe is designed to run in conjunction with large multiple effect boards with a lot of “true bypass” effects. The problem with the use of “true bypass” effects is the guitar signal remains being high impendent, resulting in high note loss due the many meter’s of cables, running at the pedal board, and not the least from board to amplifier.

To avoid this is the use of the Buff DeLuxe needed. There are two buffers in it of the simple reason that most Wah pedals also steal a lot of high note from the guitar signal. So the right and simple way to use the Buff DeLuxe is, running the guitar direct in buffer (1) in and from buffer (1) out to the wah and from the wah the rest of the pedals, from the last pedal in the chain run back in buffer (2) in, and then from buff (2) out the amplifier.

The result is stunning with the guitars original tone and feel intact. The tuner out and mute switch is an extra bonus to avoid the tuner being part of the signal chain, and the mute switch for convenient silent guitar tuning.

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