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Pierce the mix? Emerge in the group? Is no longer a problem!

Maximum transparency, sound scratchy, high definition and dynamic, in a word :"LEOPARD".

Overdrive with a strong personality, while not a pedal exasperated by gain manages to have a unique aggression while maintaining a softness that never makes it annoying, frequencies very bilanciate ,make it a very transparent pedal without altering the original tone of the instrument.

Volume Gain and Tone, few controls, but very effective: with Gain to zero behaves like a clean booster, raising it, will go from crunch to soft accompaniment arrangements until you come away to away a crunch angry.

The tone of the active type acts in a very uniform and gradual way.

  • Large reserve volume that enables you to fill in a very natural way the input of the amp, very functional also to pump channel distorted without altering the original timbre.
  • Careful selection and matching of the internal components are an essential part in the creation of sound Leopard assemble and test very carefully (we have fun too!).
  • The pedal is equipped with internal buffer.
  • Can be powered with 9-volt power supply through connector with 2.1mm center negative, the total consumption is 14mA. There is no internal battery power.
  • Rugged die-cast aluminum.
  • Dimensions: 120 x 95mm

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