California Valveworks


    California Valveworks is owned and operated by Derek Donohue, the founder and President. They are located in Charlotte NC, now, having moved there from San Jose, CA (in 2011/12?).

    Timeline (by Derek Donohue)

    • Summer 2006: Made my first treble boost clone
    • Fall 2006: First decided to make and sell effects
    • December 2006: Free Range Chicken name is coined
    • January 2007: California Valveworks name is born
    • February 2007: First Free Range Chicken sold on e-bay
    • Spring 2007: Website launched, the Bone Tender Fuzz, based on the Tone Bender MkII, is launched.
    • Summer 2007: Fried Chicken 'hot boost' added to product lineup
    • Fall 2007: Daddy 2.O mod is developed
    • Summer 2008: Daddy 2.O gets first CalValve album credit
    • Spring 2009: First custom pedal project sold.
    • Spring 2009 to present: Many new and repeat customers satisfied

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