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If a lot of people got bored of all Muff-alike fuzz pedals and want something more authentic, raw power, ragged and mind ripping fuzz?  We have the answer! re-creating the mother of all fuzz pedals 1962 Maestro Fuzz-Tone with more modern touch and friendly size.

We use exact the same component value as the original without adding any modification to produce the pure sound of mid-60’s fuzz, but used better quality component. We’ve taken three New old stock germanium trannies. Carefully selected, matched and tested(by gain, leakage, noise and sound character) to make sure each unit sound consistently the same.

Features :

  • Hand matched and measured NOS 70’s germanium transistor
  • Vishay, Ero, Roederstein capacitor
  • Xicon carbon comp resistor
  • High quality Neutrik socket
  • Dust proof Alpha potentiometer 
  • 3PDT true bypass
  • Point-to-point wiring for no extra charge!
  • Onboard voltage inverter (can be connected to DC-powered pedal, 9 volt DC adapter or chained power supply)
  • Internal bias trimpot (allows you to compensate various temperatures)

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