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Byron Amplification brings you a brand new, hand crafted, guitar pedal. We make these with pride in the USA for working musicians everywhere.

I wanted to create a pedal that embodied the tone of my favorite Marshall Plexi: the JTM-45. The result is the Phattie Overdrive. The Phattie has super thick tone, three band EQ, and lots of gain on tap, and always lets the tone of your guitar shine through. Perfect in front of a clean amp, or to kick your overdriven amp up a notch for solos. I use it with my Orange OR80 clone as a booster, and my Hiwatt DR504 as a "Marshall in a box." Tones range from light overdrive to a big smooth crunch, and the EQ section lets you tailor it to your rig and guitar. The big low end works great with bass guitars as well.

Compared to a Tube Screamer, the Phattie has (lots) more bass, more gain, higher output, and more versatility due to the EQ section.

  • Brand new from our shop to you
  • Made for you one at a time
  • True bypass switching
  • High quality caps and resistors
  • Super bright blue LED
  • JRC4558 Opamp
  • Mosfet Clipping section
  • Three band EQ
  • Switchcraft Jacks

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