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I have finally dialed in what I like about a Fuzz Face. I've had some very nice germanium versions and do like that tone very much, but currently gig with a low gain silicon that sounds almost germanium (a bit brighter, just a bit more gain, doesn't clean up quite as much), but also doesn't have the temperature-related issues, either. That pedal is the basis for the Phat Face. I use two different types of silicon transistors to achieve a nice range of fuzz to clean on the volume pot, carbon comp resistors, and nice capacitors. I use the original .01 output cap value, but can substitute a .1 for more bass if desired (but most find it too much).

"With a tube amp set up for that just on the edge of breakup sound, a Fuzz Face (especially with a strat) can cover all the bases from a sparkly, scooped-sounding clean tone to a ripping fuzz that is really great for lead work, without ever turning the pedal off. I found the range of in-betweens intoxicating when I first discovered this pedal, and I really urge you to try one if you never have. I could play most gigs on any stage with a Phat Wah, a delay, a Phat Face, and a 20-watt Juice Custom set to on-the-edge-of-breakup. And for most of the gig, the Face would remain on, giving me clean, rhythm, and lead with a twist of my guitar's volume knob."


  • True bypass switching
  • High quality caps
  • Super bright blue LED
  • Silicon transitors
  • Carbon comp resistors
  • Volume and Fuzz Controls
  • Switchcraft Jacks

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