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Build Your Own Clone (2007)

The BOSS VB-2 is one of the most sought after true pitch vibratos in the world of vintage guitar effects. With its true sine wave LFO and "unlatching" depth ramp feature, the VB-2 is also one of the most unique and organic sounding vibratos out there.

The BYOC vibrato kit is a faithful replica of this famous circuit with one major upgrade... true bypass! Because the BYOC vibrato kit has a dedicated bypass switch AND a dedicated depth ramp switch, the 3-way rotary knob on the original (latch, unlatch, bypass) has been replaced with a depth ramp on/off toggle switch.

The BYOC vibrato kit features a Carling Technologies heavy duty non-latching momentary switch for smooth depth ramp operation and Neutrik heavy duty nylon board mounted jacks to save space and reduce the difficulty of this very complex build.

Since BYOC is the first to offer a commercially available clone of the VB-2 (and perhaps the first to ever successfully clone it at all) there was a huge amount of time and effort spent on getting this pedal right. It was quite an undertaking to acquire the proper parts. The pedal also went through several prototype incarnations until a kit was created that not only nailed the VB-2's unique tone, but had a layout that was both highly functional (all the jacks are on the top! A first for BYOC) and was easy enough for a first timer to build despite it's complexity.

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